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Custom flexible acrylic neon sign letters are a dynamic and eye-catching choice for your signage needs. Crafted from bendable acrylic, these letters offer versatility in design and installation, allowing for unique and captivating displays.With warm lighting both at the front and along the half side of each letter, these neon signs emit a cozy and inviting glow, making them perfect for creating a welcoming atmosphere. Whether it's for a storefront, restaurant, or event, these custom neon sign letters can transform any space into a visually striking and inviting environment. Their flexibility and warm lighting add a touch of creativity and warmth to your branding or decorative endeavors.


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Customized 3D LED acrylic neon sign letters storefront signage for business bar

Type of LED SMD LED or PCB board LED (Waterproof)
LED Color White / warm white(3000K) / red / green / yellow or RGB
Certificate CE / UL / ROHS
Operating voltage DC 12V
Life time >100000 hours
Power source AC110V~AC220V

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