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A custom dual-lit LED stainless steel light box with a mesmerizing halo lighting effect is a stunning and versatile lighting solution. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this light box is not only durable but also exudes a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. The dual-lit design combines front-facing LEDs to illuminate your chosen graphics or artwork with precision, while the halo lighting effect creates a captivating ambient glow around the perimeter, adding depth and intrigue to any space. Whether used for business signage, home decor, or as a creative accent, this custom light box is a perfect fusion of form and function, effortlessly enhancing the visual appeal of your environment.



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Custom Exterior LED light Box halo lit stainless steel outdoor waterproof

Type of LED SMD LED or PCB board LED (Waterproof)
LED Color White / warm white(3000K) / red / green / yellow or RGB
Certificate CE / UL / ROHS
Operating voltage DC 12V
Life time >100000 hours
Power source AC110V~AC220V

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