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Transform your brand's identity with our stunning Custom 3D LED Double-Sided Illuminated Acrylic Letters. Crafted with precision, these solid cut letters boast a halo lighting effect that radiates elegance. Whether you're a sign company, store, or business looking to make a memorable impression, our bespoke signage will showcase your logo with style and sophistication, leaving a lasting impact on your customers.

LED Acrylic Letter is a range of premium acrylic letters illuminated by embedding LEDs dot by dot. They are sealed with resin that makes them totally dust and waterproof.  It can achieve different lighting effect, face lit, side lit, back lit or full lit. Acrylic is a clear material, making custom acrylic signs with LED illumination a brilliant option for branding and decoration. A custom acrylic sign with energy-efficient lights will look captivating and attract customers from afar.
Because the letters shell is CNC engraved, it has higher processing accuracy than the fabricated metal letters shell, and can produce more complex shapes.


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Custom advertising 3d led front and halo lit solid cut acrylic letters sign

Type of LED SMD LED or PCB board LED (Waterproof)
LED Color White / warm white(3000K) / red / green / yellow or RGB
Certificate CE / UL / ROHS
Operating voltage DC 12V
Life time >100000 hours
Power source AC110V~AC220V

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