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Check this out!  This is our new developed sign letters sample box,  it contains all kinds regular type sign letters sample which is suitable for the people in sign industry.    It was designed as suitcase which is very convenient to carry and display everywhere.    DC 12V adapter was attached so we can plug and play anytime.    Each type sample has a unique button or dimmer for switch on/off the LED lights .    All regular type of sign letters are included such as LED sign letters,  acrylic neon letter and mirror infinity lightbox...    And there are color picker for stainless steel surface finish, LED color and neon sign color. Everything with top quality and professional design will boosting  your business greatly. 


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3D Led Sign Letters Sample Box Stainless Steel letters acrylic neon sign display

Type of LED SMD LED or PCB board LED (Waterproof)
LED Color White / warm white(3000K) / red / green / yellow or RGB
Certificate CE / UL / ROHS
Operating voltage DC 12V
Life time >100000 hours
Power source AC110V~AC220V

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